Step into a therapeutic world of Play, Drama, Mindfulness and Movement!

Annabelle van Nieuwkoop-Read is a British trained Drama Therapist. Annabelle is serious about the importance of play and its therapeutic value.

As well as being a trained Drama Therapist Annabelle is a trained Rock and Water facilitator and a Mindfulness trainer. Annabelle offers a collaboration of these approaches in a child centred therapy.

Annabelle has been working with families and schools in The Netherlands since 2006. Annabelle specialises in working with children and young people with Autism and is currently studying an MEd in Special Education Autism at The University of Birmingham. Annabelle also works as a part-time school counsellor at The International School of The Hague. In this position she works in The Camino Group, a specialised centre for students with Autism attending the school.


Annabelle also works with children and young people with the following related difficulties: 


Emotion regulation.

Negative self image.

Fear of failing.


What is Drama Therapy?

Drama Therapy is a unique form of psychotherapy in which creativity, play, improvisation and storytelling are used within the therapeutic relationship. The materials used in in the therapy help stimulate dramatic play; dolls, puppets, masks and dress up. This enables the therapist to assess how a child experiences the world. 

A child who finds it difficult to talk to adults about their challenges may find it easier to talk to a puppet in play or to create a story that expresses how they are feeling. 

Do you want to know more about Drama Therapy and how it can help your child's social and emotional growth? Please send an email to Annabelle and she will be happy to discuss possibilities. 


What is Rock and Water?

Rock and Water (Rots en Water) is a Dutch programme developed by Freerk Ykema that is used in more than 30 countries for the guidance of children from 4 to 18. It is a psychophysical training for boys and girls which aims to increase their communication skills, social skills and well-being, while at the same time preventing or minimising social problems such as bullying, conflicts, peer pressure and other boundary overstepping behaviour.

The psychophysical approach means that positive social skills are taught through physical activity. In a playful manner and through physical exercises social-communication and confrontation skills are taught. Play and physical exercises are regularly alternated with moments of discussion and reflection. 

Annabelle uses Rock and Water techniques within Play and Drama Therapy sessions. Annabelle is also available to give Rock and Water in individual and group settings. Please send an email to Annabelle and she will be happy to discuss possibilities. 


What is Mindfulness in schools? 

Mindfulness in schools project is the U.K.s leading mindfulness curriculum. The programme teaches children and young people mindful techniques they can use in their everyday lives. Mindfulness is a process of learning to be present in the moment whilst acknowledging thoughts and awareness of the body. Mindfulness in schools teaches children and young people to stop and breath, recognising worry, being here and now, befriending the difficult and taking in the good. 

Annabelle uses Mindfulness techniques within Play and Drama Therapy sessions. Annabelle is also available to give Mindfulness sessions in individual and group settings. Please send an email to Annabelle and she will be happy to discuss possibilities. 

And now?

If you would like to refer your own child, a student at your school or a client then make direct contact with Annabelle to arrange an initial consultation.

If you would like Annabelle to come and talk in your school or organisation about play and the importance of this for both children and adults then please get in touch!


Please get in touch with Annabelle to discuss the tariff for her services. 

Annabelle is registered with The Health Professionals Council U.K. The British Association of Dramatherapists U.K.